Have you just bought your first caravan?

You might think that you’re ready to hit the open road and enjoy your first ever holiday on wheel, but you’re wrong!

There are a million and one different gadgets that you could buy to make your first caravan trip that much smoother, but don’t get suckered into paying more than you need. Your caravan should be kitted out with all of the absolutely essential tools. A functioning kitchen and bathroom should be able to see you through the most basic of holidays, but there are a few little things that are worth buying…

Caravan Steps

It can be a long fall from your caravan door to the ground, especially when you’ve had a couple of drinks. Unless you want to constantly be risking a broken ankle whenever you enter or leave your caravan, invest in a sturdy set of purpose-built steps that will take the hassle and risk out of the whole operation.

Water Containers

Every modern caravan is fitted with a water management system these days, it’s not the most glamorous of features, but it sure is necessary! Any caravan site that you pitch up at will always have taps on site that you can fill up with and a place where you can deposit your waste too. It’s a wise idea to invest in a couple of roller containers, just in case you have to haul your water a bit of a distance.

Toilet Chemicals

On the subject of waste disposal – you’ll be very sorry indeed if you neglect to bring a decent amount of toilet chemicals with you on your journey. It’s not a pretty job, but someone needs to be responsible for keeping the loo in a decent condition, fail to do so and you’ll be in for a rather grotty time away, which might make you wonder why you spent all the money on a caravan in the first place.


Although some families are happy to simply eat out or run off to the local chippy for their dinners each night, no caravan holiday experience is complete without a proper home cooked meal made in the confines of the caravan. Your caravan kitchen should have everything you need to make and serve dinner for up to eight people. Always pack spare crockery for you and any guests that you might have!


It’s a scorching hot day, you’ve just polished off a big lunch and now all you want to do is take a load off in the shade. The caravan’s an oven, but outside is even hotter – is there a solution? Of course there is. Most new caravans come complete with awnings for precisely these circumstances. Invest in a simple pole-structured awning and you’ll extend the space you have to relax in as well as giving yourself some much needed shade!

First Aid Kit

Lastly, you never know when an accident might happen! Whether it’s on the road, in the kitchen, over the BBQ or on the way back from the shower block, disaster (or a minor cut) could strike at any time. Don’t get caught off guard without a basic First Aid Kit to hand – it’s just common sense.

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