We all have to push our horizons some of the time. Some of the time? Maybe more like ALL of the time! Yeah! Take that! I’m sorry, that was strange and aggressive. I’m a little distracted because my whole world is changing around me which is really exciting and terrifying. I don’t know. I don’t know what to do. I’m going to find out soon whether I get an opportunity or I don’t get the opportunity. If I get the opportunity it’s all change. I move city. I end my relationship. I leave all my friends, I leave my house, I leave all the little bits of community I have here, I leave everything. And I head into the desperately scary and desperately lonely and desperately exciting unknown. Or I don’t get it. I keep my city. I keep my relationship. I keep my friends, my house and all the little bits of community I have here, I keep everything. Bit I loose the big change, I loose the big opportunity. And I gain the fear of stagnation, and death.



So it’s all too much all this stress and waiting so I’m going to go back to my roots, back to North Wales. I grew up in North Wales and left to young. I need it all back. I’ve checked out North Wales accommodation and there’s some great one person stuff out there. I’m going to take it.

Good bye.

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